Chris Witmayer

NASCAR Productions, Director of Broadcast, Post Production and New Media Technology

As the director of broadcast, production, and new media technology for NASCAR Media Group, Chris Witmayer has designed and implemented a completely file-based workflow using an easily expandable open architecture and introduced advanced color correction to the file-based workflow for both completed shows, as well as archival material. Witmayer has also managed the integration of EVS to the file-based workflow, designed and managed the expansion of the Archive and Production SAN to 1.8PB, and increased the efficiency of the Archival Ingest.

Prior to his current position, Witmayer served as the new media technologist, senior manager for NASCAR, during which time he transitioned NASCAR Media Group to NASCAR Plaza and Hall of Fame. He also designed the facility’s technological infrastructure for production, editorial, and archival operations.

Witmayer began his career with NFL Films in 2000 as a new media specialist and Avid Unity administrator.


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