Chuck LaMendola

Texas Christian University, Professor of Professional Practice

Since 1994, Chuck LaMendola has been teaching film, television, and sports broadcasting at TCU. Beginning in 1998, he began the development of the sports broadcasting major by offering a class of its kind at TCU. The goal of the program was to provide students with a hands-on education and prepare them for a career in sports production.

In 2007, TCU students began producing more than 25 sporting events a year for the Mtn. Television Network as part of the curriculum. Under LaMendola’s leadership, sports broadcasting became an academic major at TCU in 2011.

In 2012, he was instrumental in securing $2.6 million to upgrade the department's production facility working with athletics and academics for funding. Today, TCU students produce 15-20 events a year which air on Fox Sports Southwest as part of the curriculum, and have graduates working in all levels of sports production.


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