Dave Franza

NFL Films/NFL Network, VP/Executive in Charge, Production Application Development and Support

Dave Franza oversees the development and support of technology and applications related to production, operations, and administration for NFL Films and NFL Network – the television production arms of the National Football League. Hired in 1986 as the director of IT, he has directed technological advancements contributing to the explosive growth in size and production capability at NFL Films over the last 25 years. Included among these is the design and development of ‘SABER’, an application suite used for capturing, indexing, researching, and delivering all NFL game footage recorded by NFL Films (covering 20 NFL seasons), used by over 200 television and Internet producers and partners on both coasts. In addition, Franza is responsible for designing and/or automating the content management and delivery systems used to provide digital multi-media content to NFL.com and a host of online customers and partners in real or near real-time on NFL game days, as well as for applications and content portals such as NFL Fantasy Football, iTunes, Verizon, and HULU. Franza was also instrumental in the implementation of the automated nation-wide Club Game Exchange (CGE) network used by NFL team video directors to electronically distribute and process game footage for scouting purposes.

Prior to joining NFL Films in 1986, Franza worked for Xerox Computer Services and was the youngest employee to hold the positions of programmer/analyst, project leader, and finally, senior business systems consultant. He has lead software development projects for several major corporations, including Alcatel, Ludlow Technical Products, US Surgical, and GM Robotics. This background led to Franza’s developing accounting and administration systems at NFL Films, in tandem with in-house developed production and operations systems, giving NFL Films one of the most integrated, efficient overall production, operations, and financial processing and reporting workflows.

Franza has served on several NFL committees influencing technological advancement of the League, including committees on technology leadership, IT governance, and media assets development. He also continues to be active in IT and engineering organizations. Franza was the recipient of CIO Magazine’s “Bold 100” award in 2015, honoring the top 100 CIOs and technology managers in the country, as nominated by Steve Bornstein and Howard Katz. Franza has three children and two grand children, and is actively involved in organizations such as United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and Special Olympics.

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