Joe Bogacz

Canon U.S.A, Advisor, Professional Engineering and Solutions Group

Joe Bogacz joined Canon in 1989, after a successful career as a professional photographer, video editor, and cameraman.

Bogacz is involved with helping with the launch of Canon imaging products, third party relationships, and product and feature development. He is an integral part of Canon’s efforts to communicate the needs of industry professionals to the engineers and designers who can translate ideas into the new products of tomorrow.

Over his career, Bogacz has been involved with many facets of imaging including the seismic changeover from analog to digital, SD to HD, and now the migration to 4K and beyond. He currently is concentrating on Canon’s 4K reference display business.

Bogacz is a member of SMPTE, an associate member of the American Society Of Cinematographers, and a member of the committee working on The Academy’s ACES project.

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