Josh Beaudoin

WJHW, Principal

Josh Beaudoin first joined WJHW in 2003. Beaudoin grew up working in the family owned general contracting business. After college, he pursued his interest in electronics by working in the electronic security alarm, professional stage lighting production, and professional audio engineering businesses before returning to construction as an audio video project manager and systems designer.

Beaudoin has benefited from working in all aspects of the technology construction industry including audio video design build system integration and sales, electrical contracting, audio consulting, and professional audio equipment manufacturing and international business development.

This unique blend of experience has provided Beaudoin knowledge of each discipline and process required to complete modern stadiums, arenas, and convention centers. His experience has given him a special insight into not only the consulting business, but the entire construction process from equipment manufacturing, to system design, procurement, and installation, as well as commissioning. Beaudoin also has nine years of sales and marketing experience. He has worked on several major professional stadiums and conventions centers as an equipment manufacturer, AV contractor, electrical contractor, and design consultant.

Beaudoin rejoined WJHW as the director of public assembly and large venue projects in 2010. He actively pursues prospective clients, negotiates fees, develops strategic business relationships, and manages projects for WJHW.

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