Ken Aagaard

CBS Sports, EVP, Innovation and New Technology

In his current role at CBS Sports since April, Ken Aagaard oversees operations, engineering, and production management for all field events and the CBS Broadcast Center, including logistics and technical support. He is also responsible for the CBS College Sports Network.

Aagaard is involved in developing new technology and production enhancements for both CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network. In February, he expanded the use of EyeVision technology with EyeVision 360 for Super Bowl 50, giving viewers a 360˚ perspective and higher resolution than had been seen before. In addition, he oversaw the first use of the Pylon Cam for a Super Bowl. The new technology won two Sports Emmy Awards: the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award, and the Outstanding Technical Team Remote. He had introduced EyeVision at Super Bowl XXXV.

Aagaard also was instrumental in instituting SwingVision, the Emmy Award-winning super-slow motion breakdown of golf swings. He received two more Emmy Awards for the 3D productions of the 2010 US Open tennis championships and PGA Tour golf technical team. For Super Bowl XLVII, he was responsible for the creation and overall operation of CBS Super Bowl Park at Jackson Square, which transformed the heart of the historic French Quarter into a central broadcast center and home to 15 shows from nine CBS Corporation divisions across multiple platforms. He also introduced CBS’s use of the high-speed Heyeperzoom camera system, which captured video at 300-500 frames per second (normal 60 fps) and showed images at 4X current HD video.

Aagaard joined CBS Sports in 1998 as SVP of operations and production services. Since 2008, he served as EVP of engineering, operations, and production services.

Before joining CBS Sports, Aagaard was president of Creative Broadcast Techniques and worked as a consultant to CBS Sports, NBC, Fox Studios, and HBO. He also served in a variety of operations and engineering positions for NBC Sports, the NBC Television Network, and NBC affiliate, WMAQ-TV Chicago.

Past chairman of Sports Video Group, Aagaard chairs the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame and the SVG Broadcasting Fund. He was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2014.

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