Mike Werteen

NEP, Co-President, U.S. Mobile Units

Mike Werteen is president of the U.S. Mobile Units and West Coast Control Rooms for the NEP Group. In tandem with co-President Glen Levine, Werteen is responsible for overseeing and delivering on all P&L and sales, as well as operational and financial activities for the division. Prior to becoming president, Werteen served as senior VP of sales for the NEP U.S. Mobile Units for six years. In his role, Werteen managed a portfolio of clients and led all sales initiatives.

Before becoming part of the NEP Group, Werteen served as general manager of NCP, a mobile production company with focus in the northeast United States.  From 1999-2008, Werteen oversaw the growth of NCP from a regional mobile provider to a company with national reach and a focus on unmatched customer service.

Werteen has worked in the remote broadcast industry for 32 years. He began his career in production serving as a technical director, producer, and director with focus on live sporting events.

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